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NOTE: Prices and options are per pair of Rol-A-Lift units.

  • All 7 Rol-A-Lifts are also available in Wide Models.
  • Standard Models are no greater than 24 inches overall width.
  • Wide Models are 36 inches overall width for extra stability.
  • Click here to see the Side By Side Comparison of specifications.

M-2 & M-2W
Model M-2 & M-2W

2000 lbs.
Lift 4-1/2"
5" x 2" wheels

M-4 & M-4W
Model M-4 & M-4W

4000 lb. capacity
Lift 12-13/16"
6" x 2" wheels

M-4-6 & M-4-6W
Model M-4-6 & M-4-6W

4000 lb. capacity to 12-13/16" lift
6000 lb. capacity to 6" lift
6" x 2" wheels

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M-6 & M-6W
Model M-6 & M-6W

6000 lb. capacity
4-3/4" lift
6" x 2" wheels
Top Clamps

M-8 & M-8W
Model M-8 & M-8W

8000 lb. capacity
4-3/4" lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels

M-10 & M-10W
Model M-10 & M-10W

10000 lb. capacity
4-3/4 " lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels

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M-12 & M-12W
Model M-12 & M-12W

12000 lb. capacity
4-3/4" lift
8" x 2 1/2" wheels

Application Information (Some items may be Optional)

Wide Models: Used for top heavy, unbalanced, or wide loads.

Belt Tightener Device: Recommended for computers and other fragile load or where any load is being moved on steep ramps.

Two - 12' Belts: For narrow loads up to 30" wide.

One - 16' Underside Belt: For wide and narrow loads.

Adjustable Top Clamps: For handling narrow glass crates or other narrow loads. On high and narrow loads care must be taken so crate does not cause Rol - A - Lift to tip over.

Rol - A - Lift must be in upright position with top pressure plates against the load and casters level on the floor. Never lift a load higher than necessary to clear floor or ramp.
Wheel Choice Suggestions

Phenolic: Protect concrete and wood floors.

Polyurethane Casters: Protect all floor surfaces, also gives more shock protection to product.

4 - Position Locks: Used for long hauls and glass rack application.
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