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M-4 WIDE Rol-A-Lift (1 pair)

Original design is on back order. We are offering a temporary hybrid version until October. The temporary hybrid version is about 5 3/4 inches taller than the original. Performance will remain the same. 

Rol-A-Lift is the practical method of moving bulky and hard-to-handle loads, ideal for handling large, awkward objects or heavy equipment that is difficult to maneuver or position, like refrigerator cases, safes, or machines.

Yet they are versatile enough to safely handle fragile, sensitive equipment, like glass crates, computers, electrical panels and switchgear.

Please allow an additional week of production for wide models.

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Caster *

Load Restraint *

Belt Storage Trays

Set of Two

Kick Stand Casters

Set of Four

Top Clamp


M-4/M-4W Dimensions & Specs (1 pair)

Capacity Per Pair4,000#
Max. Hydraulic Lift12-3/16″
Type of LiftHydraulic
Standard WheelsPhenolic
Wheel Size6″ x 2″
Overall Height44″
Overall Width23″
Caster Centers18″
Overall Depth16-1/2″
Forks Adjustable5″-19-1/2″
Fork Length6″
Fork Thickness1-1/8″
Fork Width2-1/2″
Weight Per Pair
Weight Per Pair

Wide Models Are Available All Units

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